martedì 7 aprile 2009


HO UNA DOMANDA: perchè abbiamo rinunciato a quella splendida usanza del passato di scrivere lettere, mandandare cartoline, spedire pacchi?
I'VE A QUESTION:why we give up the pleasure of write a letter or a postcard, or send a post parcel?

Non abbiamo forse rinunciato a delle impagabili emozioni come l'impazienza dell'attesa, la gioia di aprire una busta o un pacco e di scoprirne il contenuto, di leggere e rileggere una lettera stringendola tra le mani, di provare la piacevole sensazione di aver ricevuto un regalo e soprattutto di sentire più vicino a noi la persona che ci ha scritto?

Didn't we renounce to some invaluable emotions like impatience of wait,the joy for open an envelope or a parcel and discover what there is into it, the pleasure to read and re-read a letter holding it in our hands,and first of all to feel who wrote a bit near to us?
Tank you very much Lou for all of these emotions!!!

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  1. super tu va voir la maison de Sea angels,c'est super de recevoir un cadeau d'une inconnu,et magique vive ce petit monde virtuel que nous nous offrons.
    bises et a très bientôt pour de vrai!!!!


  2. Hello Mate
    I TOTALLY agree with you. I love the art of letter writing! I have kept all the letters I have ever received from friends and family. I enjoy writing letters but wish I had the spare time I used to have when I was a child. I used to write 10 pages and stick pictures on to make them prettier and more interesting. Because most of my family and friends live far away from me, I never got out of the habit of writing letters.
    I love your photos showing the letters, parcel & glasses. Very me!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. It's true Isabelle,me too, when I was a child I used to write more than today because the art of writing it's an activity that asks for more time and often the modern life can't afford it. But I think "when it's possible let's take again a little bit of time for us and a rhythm of life more slow!"
    Have a nice day and Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. Hello!

    I´m visiting first time here, and have to say your blog is full of beautiful and inspiring pictures!! I like it and I will come again!

    Happy and sunny Easter!

  5. I agree with you so much! I love letter writing and calligraphy and old letters and actually anything with text! If you would like to receive a letter in the mail....send your address to my email and I will write you a letter and send it from here!
    Be well,Laura

  6. Bless you, I am so glad you received it I was getting worried it might be lost in the post.
    Beautiful pictures as always!

    Have a lovely Easter…love Lou xxx

  7. Writing letters is such a lost art. I'm afraid that this younger generation will not carry it on. My parents were from France and I always admired their penmanship. I still have a few of their letters and though I can't read most of it I love looking at it.

  8. I so, so agree with you - I love the "ancient" art of letter writing - I alwyas keep letters I receive from friends and family...I have quite a collection dating back to my childhood!!
    Beautiful post and what a lovely pair of glasses :)

  9. Hello,
    you have got great magazines here.Through a lot of fun with rummage.
    Love greetings,

  10. Everything has to go fast nowadays, an e-mail is faster than a letter. But I like the charm of a handwritten letter, for me it's a bigger surprise to receive a real letter from the postman! Even at school children don't practice handwriting as we did, I think it's a pity...

  11. Hello!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and now
    i get to visit your beautiful blog.
    I agree with you so much. I love old letters and actually anythink with text.
    I wish you a happy easter!!
    Hugs to you!
    Piitis from Finland

  12. Bellissimo post Matte! Hai ragione...abbiamo perso un sacco di belle cose!
    Buona Pasqua e a presto!

  13. I agree Isabelle~I miss "old fashioned" letters!:) Your pictures are beautiful as always! And I'd like to find that Country Living Issue!
    So happy I could enjoy your beautiful thoughts as well as your photos!!
    Hope you are having a beautiful week!!

  14. Oh, happy to have found your blog, lovely pictures, lovely posts.
    I am so looking forward to read period living, I took a subscription, but have not received it yet... it must be a great magazine.
    Il mio italiano non e tanto bene, e piu facile per me di scrivere in inglese....

    have a great weekend!!

  15. Tank you Solange nice to meet you and welcome on my blog. Period Living is relly a great magazine.Your italian is very good! Have a great weekend you too!!!